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    Wave raider engine mods info / help needed / please

    ok I have a stock 94 waveraider 701 engine and was wondering if anyone could tell me what flame arrestors would do for Me and if I do change them what other things would I have to tweak and maybe the pros and cons
    Thanks guys

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    I have heard of owners removing all but one of the stock flame arrestor screens and drilling holes in the stock FA to increase airflow. If you increase airflow you usually have to go up a size on the low and hi jets to compensate for the increased airflow. Unless you plan on heavily modding the ski, I wouldn't waste a ton of money on it. On the other hand, its a good learning experience, and I have one I have spent a ton of money on, and made it into a primo ski again. My 96 looks good, is cheap to maintain, and is ultra reliable, and there are still lots of parts available for it. If you are gonna change FA's, I'd put all new fuel line on it, (the really nice blue ethanol resistant fuel line works really well, and thats what I have on my skis), and I'd overhaul both carbs. While overhauling, I'd think about getting rid of the choke plates and installing a primer kit. And, if your ski still has the stock oil injection on it, I'd upgrade to the yellow 1/8 inch tygon line, clamped together with stainless steel oetiker clamps. Just search "oil injection oetiker clamps", there is a ton of info on it.

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