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    787 engine and 96 and 97 xp

    Hi guys I'm kinda new here I normally play with my 4tec but after rebuilding a friends 96 xp 787 due to not being told her new motor was now pre mix ( grrrrr) I have a new found interest in the smaller skis in the time chasing parts for rebuild I ended up with a 97 xp with a lunched bottom end but good barrels and head ect . I've been in the hunt for a cheep running motor but not much around here in aus . So now considering building a motor but I'm not one to do things in half and if gunna build motor from scratch what can I do to it to get more out of it . Also I hear there is a racing 800 class here in Australia I'm chancing info on

    thanks Shane

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    Theres alot but your best bet is to do a search. Milling the head, aftermwrket heads, porting, bigger carbs, bigger pistons and cylinders, exhaust, rev limiters, props...sooo much.

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