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    04 XLT1200 - First Ski

    Hey all, (sorry for the long read)

    I am new to “jetski’s” although I have rented a bunch of times. Anyway I decided to buy my first one this past week, a 2004 waverunner xlt1200 with 109 hours on it (121 -121 -110 compression test 1->3 cylinders) . My plan is to use it for about a year and see if I want to get more into the sport and go with a new one down the road.

    I have done research on the 1200 prior to purchasing it and know that there are basically 2 major points of failure, and apparently common ones at that, with one being the powervalves pin slipping out and “dropping” into a cylinder and the other being the oil injection lines slipping off the feed nipples on the carbs.

    I am fairly mechanical and do all my own work on my truck so I decided to tear into it this weekend and check both of these failure points and fix them so I can ride worry free while I own the ski. As a side note, I have recorded the process of getting the exhaust out of the ski and plan on posting on youtube because I did not really see any good walk through online.

    I think I am going to keep the oil injection system in place and use new clamps on the oil lines (I was able to lightly tug one and make it start to move off the nipple – not good) so I need to look into what clamps would work best on such a small tube. I also took off one of the powervalve covers to see if the previous owners did any work in terms of pin clips but they look stock so I ordered some non-branded “wave-eater” clips.

    Anyways onto my Question: When I test drove the ski, according to the speedo I got upto 52 mph, and at one point in the 20 minute ride (just once) after WOT after coming out of the “hole” it bogged down and came back to WOT. Carbs? IF it is carbs what is the best way to service them? It looks like even more of a PITA than the whole exhaust removal I have done. Best way to clean them? I also noticed that the gauge reads the oil as half full but the tank looks full to me, are sending units prone ot failure on these skis too?

    Oh yeah! And I found a Zerk fitting that appears to lead down into the driveshaft? I was thinking of getting just some regular waterproof hightemp grease and injecting it in there – when its full will the grease start to ooze out from somewhere? (I am talking out the “passenger side” 3rd cylinder which has a little nipple that runs down to what appears to be the driveshaft to me.

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    Ok, let's start out with Welcome to the forum. I will save you some time but you really need to do some searching on the site for answers to the common questions.

    The clamps are called oetiker clamps and you can get them from McMaster-Carr (or anywhere else) at the following

    1 52545K38 1 Pack Gap-free Pinch Hose And Tube Clamp, 15/64" To 9/32" Clamp Dia Range, 13/64" Band Width
    2 52545K45 1 Pack Gap-free Pinch Hose And Tube Clamp, 3/8" To 7/16" Clamp Dia Range, 13/64" Band Width

    The first one's are for the oil lines, the second ones are for fuel lines. You can use diagonal cutters (pliers) to close them or buy the special tool.

    Regarding the Zerk fitting, 1-2 slow pumps on a mini grease gun should be fine. If you feel significant resistance, stop. Do not over fill as it will potentially blow grease all over the place and could ruin the seal (don't ask me how I know). The point of the fitting is to make sure that there is grease around the gap between the seal and the bearing to keep water out and too much can compromise the seal.

    Regarding the carbs, I'm gonna make you go to the FAQ section and read up on the subject as it is pointless to repost all the stuff related to rebuilding carbs. All people who know what they are doing recommend, no, insist that you use genuine Mikuni kits to do your rebuild. There a step by step instructions with pictures on how to do this the right way. There are an number of proven mods and updates that you should consider when you rebuild them but again, I will let you do the reading.

    Here is Fercho's treatment of the subject with a PDF of the process.

    Spend an afternoon or a long evening or two reading everything on this site about carbs on your ski. There is literally hundreds of posts on how, why and what you should do regarding making sure that you have a good running dependable ski.

    Good luck with your new ski.

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    Wow thanks for the information!

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