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    School me on the Spark

    Hi guys! Been reading a while and am thinking about pulling the trigger on a new Spark. A bit of background to know where I'm coming from on the questions I'm asking - grew up riding dirt bikes but just sold mine (easier to ride a seadoo in college then break away for an enduro trip), and had neighbors who always had the Big $14k supercharged SeaDoos that I rode many summers. I've been looking, and wanted to know your thoughts on a Base Model 2 up with the 60hp engine with manual reverse (I will probably add the storage compartment and a few other small things eventually) and eventually tuning with V-Tech? Will the power (acceleration) be even similar to other SeaDoos that are larger? What about Yamaha/Kawi skis? I will mainly be riding lakes and rivers, with an occasional trip to the ocean (2x year max). The weight is a critical component for me as it will be pulled behind a 2013 Civic Si, which leads me to wonder what the best trailer for the money would be for me? Any help or input from those with a base model machine would be greatly appreciated!

    On a side note, what do you guys in the US pay for insurance on your Spark each year?

    I look forward to hearing your replies and asking many more questions.


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    We have pulled our Sea Doo xp with our Civic SI-08 sedan. Didn't seem to be that big of a deal pulling a 400lb ski with a trailer. Our new trailer is a double and although you know it is back there it doesn't seem to be killing the power.

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    I just picked up my Spark on Saturday, same setup you want, I got the base 2 up 60 hp. And I absolutely love it. Im not being biased here, Im being real. I was going to buy the Yamaha VR special which they have for $99 a month for 21 years (dammmm) lol..

    But back to the Spark, Im paying $281 a year for full coverage (including uninsured motorist) through Foremost (Farmers Insurance).

    I took it out on Sunday, and I was overwhelmed, it was way more than I ever expected. And I truly believe that SeaDoo has a winner here. The 2 up 60 hp was a lot more fun than I expected as well, when I rode someone elses waves (or a boats wave) I jumped on it and it was exhilirating! The hole shot was way better than I expected on this little 60hp. Honestly I dont even think I need the 109hp, but will probably do it anyways... here is a video of me taking my spark out for the first time:

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    Triton trailers are the lightest and strongest made. If your worried about weight.

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    I have the triton lxt and tow it with my 05 Audi A6 with no problem

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    Just pull the trigger, you can't go wrong. With it on a Triton I think it's around 550lbs wet. Insurance is around $200 a year.

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    Your not going to keep up with the proformance of the bigger skis, but you can have just as much fun. You will out last them as they will need to fuel up more. Top speed is fun, for a Little while. I get up to speed then that's it, I spend the rest of the time wave jumping or cruising around. I've been on the ocean a few times and never got upto speed to conserve fuel and I'd get worn out constantly jumping the waves. Usually when I'm on the ocean we head over to Martha vineyard which is a great ride and only few skis can make it with out running out of gas. To me the 80mph is not a loss. To get out on the water and have fun this should be a great ski for that. It's light weight should let you throw it around a little more and have fun. If your worried about top speed, there's a long line of upgrade and Ad-ones to come that will keep making these faster.

    I wouldn't worry towing the ski with a civic. I'd be more concerned with a slippery ramp with the shorter wheel base durning low tide. I tow my skis from a bumper hitch and haven't had an issues, the civic would need a frame mounted add on which should be better than what I'm doing.

    Another option people mention is a left over gti, 130hp, more weight and probably holds the third person more comfortably. To me that ski is too big. I live on a lake and want the smaller ski I can throw Around and have fun with and not worry about refueling constantly. I'm also hoping the long term maintance is a minimal with this ski compared to other skis, no supercharger to rebuild. I'm excited about mine, and have to wait till May for it to come in but being from New England I won't be able to use it till then anyways

    I recommend the insurance, there's a couple post of what happens when you crash them, granted any ski is going to break but it's easier to patch Fiberglas where these seem to be totaled after a crash.

    I had a Kawasaki ultra 150 which is missed, it was a great ski, I have nothing against other manufacters. But my 95spx has fuel issues I need fixed this spring. I called the dealer and they are covering the repair under a recall from 96. I would have never known there was a recall so for seadoo and my dealer to stand by it... I'll keep with them.

    Just My thoughts hope it helps.

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    Thanks for all the great info! About the Manual reverse - without it there is no revers at all on the Spark correct?

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    You'll have no problem towing it.. i tow mine on a Mazda 3 MPS, don't even notice it's attached..

    Correct no reverse standard, to be honest you can get away without it..

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    iBR intelligant braking and reverse currently on 90 models only, it's an electronic system triggered by a lever like a clutch on your bike. It stops the ski then will reverse it. You can bolt on a manual reverse later to either model.

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