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    New to 4 Strokes, what to look for in a used RXP? Got one for sale in Florida?

    I have 3 older 2 stroke PWC's and in the mid 1990's I raced Sea Doo XP's competitively in the Florida and SE circuit, even qualifying for the World Finals in Lake Havasu.

    Back then, I had one of the limited edition 782cc XP Race Ski's. It was a beast for it's time. I had an engine tuner, and knew enough about the basic things to check to ensure top performance.

    Today, I have a few beaters that run great and are fun on the lake. I know the basic operation of the 2 stroke motors and can troubleshoot and fix most minor issues myself.

    I'm looking at picking up a used 2005 / 2009 RXP. There is a lot out there for the $5k range.

    I see lot's of comments about "replaced supercharger" or "X hours on the new supercharger".

    Apparently, there is a reason to replace these? What's the story? What do I look for, what do I stay away from?

    And, if I find a RXP that has NOT had the SC replaced, is this something that's hard to do? Something I can do myself with basic tools?

    I've also seen several with the Stage 1 Riva kit's already installed (air intake, pump wedge, prop). This seems to be the single best upgrade combination out there for under $1k. Am I wrong about this? Is this a relatively safe mod? Anything specific to look at when this mod has been installed?

    Also, in looking at pictures of the engine compartments of these RXP's, is it easy enough to check compression? Do I need any special tools beyond the compression tester I use on my 2 strokes?

    I appreciate any help provided.


    If you have one, or know of anyone that has one for sale, let me know. I just missed a local dealer with a 2008 RXP-X for sale at $6100. I would have jumped on that in a second.


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    08-09's RXP-X have had an excellent history, that is what I'd look for if the budget is in that 6K-7K area. These models also have the more improved supercharger bearings. Find out if the supercharger has ever been replaced/rebuilt. It should've for that age. Compression is easy to check for and should be between 130-150. Hold the throttle open all the way when cranking to do the compression test, keeps it from starting.

    I'll let the other guys on the board chime in on things to look for beyond that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylolow View Post
    These models also have the more improved supercharger bearings..
    The bearings are the same as prior years,no improvement/upgrade to the bearings,They did come with metal clutches that were a tad bit better than the ceramics and a better Scer oiler...The RXP-Xs have been a good all around ski..07 and up seem to be pretty good problem free skis except for general maintance...(Scer rebuilds,oil changes ect ect ect..)

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    If your still looking at any 04-05 rxp's know that they will likely need to have the valves updated to a solid non sodium filled valve as you'll run the risk of grenading the motor if you run the stock valves.

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