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    Cool New Spark on order!

    Ok, so im new to the forum. I just ordered a new spark 2 up in licorice and im still waiting for it to come in. Im seriously looking at the reflash to get 100+ hp but im concerned about the effect on warranty. I purchased the 4 year best additonal warranty for a total of 5 years and dont want to jeopardize for the added hp. Anyone know if the vtech tune is untraceable. Thanks for the help.

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    Welcome congrats I just picked mine up I love it, 2 up 60hp vanilla

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    Congrads on the new spark, Good question on the tuning. I know you can put it back to stock with the Vtech Tuner, you may want to do that before bringing it for repiar. I dont know if they can tell if its been changed or not. Depeneding on the dealer I would image it could void certian things.

    Im told these are allot of fun they way they are. You could try it out as is for a few years and when you get bored then look into flashing it.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!!!!

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    On the Vtech tune list is a 60hp stock setting so I plan to reflash back before services
    also there is a clear history setting to clear the rpm logs and rest before service
    so reflash run @ 60hp then take
    no one knows

    attached list of current tunes
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