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    Real Review: The Complete Jet Renu Watercraft Cleaning System

    We put all of Jet Renuís weapons to work on our filthy í02 GTI LE, including Jet Renuís Yellow degreaser, Green vinyl cleaner, Purple wash, Red waterspot remover, Pink polish, White protectant, Tan cleaning wax and Blue plastic polish.

    If thereís one thing we pride ourselves on here at The Watercraft Journal is really beating on our test subjects for our weekly reviews. Be it a brand spankiní new personal watercraft that we flog relentlessly for a day or two (or more), or some really nice riding gear or fancy products that come our way, we really push these products to their limits. You might think that weíre a little too rough, but we need to cram in as much wear and tear in a short time to provide you the real results.

    That being said, when we received a big olí box from our friends at Jet Renu, we knew exactly what we were going to do for our first product test. Our subject was a long forgotten 2002 Sea-Doo GTI LE sitting in the back lot of Americaís Motorsportsí Madison, Tennessee location. Parked for years beneath a tree on a trailer with flat tires, it collected leaves, mold, rain and ice.

    There it was left to die.

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    I've heard nothing but good about these products.

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