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    2012 Fzs clutch?

    I have the 2012 with the shitty clutch supposedly and was wondering what everyone did who also had the shitty one before it screws up my sick ski. There is nothing wrong now ski is fast and reliable so far but what's gonna happen if it does? Had a lot of mods done and don't wanna ever lose them.


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    Depends on what month was manufacture some of the 2012 came with the updated 2013...

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    Not mine, I checked.

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    the 2011 updated clutch was tearing off teeth when it failed
    it throws them into the sump and requires engine out and strip and clean
    if your ski still has warrenty take it to the dealer and get them to change it before it lets go
    I got a 2011 update clutch that was supposed to be an update on the update, and I ran it in my ski for 80 hours
    I was told some time after fitting it to get it out as they were all still failing

    ps. I left it in as I already had over 40 hours on it

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    I think I have too many mods for the warranty but I will see what they say...

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    They can't really blame mods
    As you haven't damaged it yet
    You want it changed before it does damage
    I think was a recall but not sure
    May have just been a dealer bulletin

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    I have a 2012 FX SHO with the early style 2012 clutch arrangement and it did go out at 75 hours. I have the latest upgrade 2013 / 14 Clutch in it now and the Ski seems "happier".

    The original 2012 Clutch always seemed a little "loud" to me. When it went "good night" it did take some of the Bearing races with it, the Bearings actually came out of the races and went down into the engine. So it was a teardown.

    In hindsight, I would upgrade to the latest Clutch B 4 it breaks. I cannot speak for earlier year Clutches, but i don't think the 2012 set up was that good. JB

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    I yanked the '11-12 clutch out of mine..... Wasnt chancing it.

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    How much does it go for and how hard to replace?

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    Here is what you need right here in Jerry's store.

    i have not done it personally, but know of a few people who have done it on their own. There is a whole thread with pictures on here and it use to be a sticky. Believe it was called "How to change a super charger clutch explained". If you are above average mechanically it should not be a big deal at all.
    Do a search and that thread has like 30 pages of pics and tips on how to do it.

    why don't you list your mods, as you might be candidate for Riva dampened or other upgrades.....

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