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    2012 yamaha FX HO, 2 and 1/2 hrs on it

    Looking at a 2012 Yamaha FX HO, just 2 1/2 hours on it, guy bought it, left town, kept it at where he bought it, told dealership he needs to sell it, still had list price with it, something like 13,489, excluding trailer, doesn't have a cover, but its been in climate controlled storage, think he had an offer of 11,500 for it, lol backed out, because he's an Okla state fan, couldn't handle the red color! Even though is low hours, is 11,500 still high? Would 10,500 or 800, be an insult, or is that the nature of the beast, you take it off the lot, you lose? Thanks..... Kevin in Oklahoma

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    I paid $11,806 for my BRAND NEW 2013 FX HO. So I would say that his price is waaaaaaaay high. Even though it's only 2.5 hours, it's been titled and is USED.

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    The cost to insure may be higher - Since you would not be the "original owner". Also, the the NADA value is less with it being a 2012 model.

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    Really didn't consider high insurance, thanks Wp, may wait it out, see if price will drop? Mean while, awaiting on my Polaris in the shop, its only march 1st, but I better have a running ski soon! Would go bonkers, without a ski this summer!

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    Hello Kevin in Oklahoma,
    If you like the ski, I wouldn't let the insurance question stop you from buying it; I don't think that's going to make much difference in the overall annual cost of ownership.

    The big question is the price of the used ski vs. a new unit in your area.
    Jump on PWC trader online and do some shopping; don't be afraid to search in neighboring states and take a road trip; many of us save thousands by doing this. Just get your best deal on the phone and if it's a dealer have them put it in writing before you make the drive.

    When shopping for a used ski, the other thing you want to try and do is get one with a Y.E.S. extended warranty from Yamaha; this is important, because after the ski is one year old, you can't get it anymore on a used model.

    Another thing to consider is the new Certified Pre-Owned Program from Yamaha; no other manufacturer has stepped up to offer anything like this.

    In fact, Yamaha is so confident in their products, they now offer a special Pre-Owned Warranty, this is something never before available for used personal watercraft... here's a link:

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