Who: Brock Austin
Age: 20
Hometown: Bountiful, UT
Years Riding: 12
Years Racing: 7
Classes you race: Expert Ski Limited, Pro-Am Ski Stock, Pro-Am Ski Limited.
Other Interests: Sports & Skateboarding.

The Watercraft Journal: Brock, youíre really well known for your skill and your quick rise to the high ranks! Could you tell me a little about how it all started out for you?

Brock Austin: I started out racing in the Junior class when I was 10 years old and raced against some really fast kids that became Pro and are still very competitive. I just picked up riding quickly and then started racing and loved it!
WCJ: We got to see your race in Sparks, NV last year on the National Tour. You had some epic holeshots in the Pro classes with guys like MacClugage and Flores, what was going through your mind that weekend?
BA: Sparks was a really great venue and a very fun track! I came into that race just hoping to prove that I can hang with the big name pros and I feel I showed that I am capable of racing pro, all in all it was a great weekend and I canít complain one bit about it!

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