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    Seadoo GTX 215 vs. Yamaha FX SHO (or HO)

    Am looking at a new'ish ski in the next few weeks, ideally want something around 2-3 years old. I ride in the ocean and have a 2004 RXP with a few mods (latest spec valves, straight through exhaust, Aquavein intake grate, OPAS removed, blow off valve, 3" intake) - ski is great fun but you do get wet and travelling any distance on anything other than a dead flat day is tiring. I'm thinking of going for a three seater (for the bigger / more stable hull). Options seem to be the Seadoo GTX 215 or the Yamaha FX (either SHO ie. super-charged or HO non-supercharged).

    What do people think of the difference between the Yammy and Seadoo (I know the Yammy is open loop cooling but I assume it's a well thought through design and ocean riding shouldn't be a problem)?

    A dealer was telling me that the SC on the Seadoo needs rebuilding every 100 hours - first I've heard of that, anyone got an opinion on this?


    Adrian (UK)

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    Best ocean riding ski is the Kawasaki, and yes they need rebuilding every 100 hours on seadoos

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    an fx140 would be great, and with riding with another person you its just cant be beat comfort wise.. lts not too many mph difference between the SHO and the FXHO models, the acceleration is a bit faster (obviously) but the fuel consumption can be a lot higher, and of course the repair bills will be more expensive. But if speed is your need, then we all know what we get ourselves into...i love my SHO as much as the next, but its not cheap passion. You'll have plenty of fun with an fx ski, and be a lot happier when you dont have to fill it up as often as your SC friends. With a few simple mods you can be just as fast as the stocker and bolt on guys. just my .02

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    Having done lots of research I think I'm going to head towards a 2013 Seadoo GTX 215, there's a good price one being advertised with just 35 hours. I was close to buying a new Yamaha SVHO Cruiser but it's £6k more than than a one year old ski. Also the Seadoo's seem to have a lot more included and the styling is edgier. Reading reviews of the new Yamaha SVHO engine it looks more powerful (a few reviews have estimated it around 270hp) but it's going to drink the juice!

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    i have owned both and in comparison they are about equal. the sho that is, I think the sea doo would be more power if going against just an ho.

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    You can see in this video a Rxt 260 vs HO You can see in this video a Rxt 260 vs HO

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