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    xl 1200 carb needle and seat

    hey guys this is my first post but i have been a member for a while. i would first like to say thanks to everyone because this forum has helped me rebuild my ski, i went from never worked on a wave runner to being very comfortable with it.

    i am a college student and as you could imagine I'm on a budget, i got the ski really cheap (200 bucks) not knowing what was wrong except for the engine was seized, tore the engine apart and got lucky that it was only one cylinder everything else looked perfect but i sent all 3 cylinders off and had the 2 good ones lightly honed and the bad one replated, I've done all the things spoke about on here to make it more reliable and I'm also going premix. i wanted to richen it up a bit due to reading things about lean issues so i decided to go the route that chris03hd did.

    his setup was
    Stock carb's, cleaned and completely rebuilt. Stock reeds, stock manifold.

    Acc. pump removed
    Chokes removed
    Carb restrictors drilled out 1/8"
    95 main jet return
    Oil injection removed
    Fuel selector deleted
    Extended and clunked dual fuel pickup's
    Dual Yamaha filter/seperator's
    Modified stock air box lower half, with stock screen and lid
    Front intake ducting removed

    110 pilots
    120 mains
    95g springs
    1.5 n/s _ 44psi pop off
    95 return restrictor _ 1+ psi at idle

    my main concern is the needle and seat, I'm pretty sure 1.5 in not the stock size can i get away with the stock size and adjust the pop off differently? or do i have to have the 1.5?

    the ski is a 2000 xl1200 in great shape, she's still a baby only has 62 hours on it, I'm rebuilding the carbs with mikuni kits and they all 3 look brand new inside, no corrosion or anything so thats a good sign.

    if someone could give me some insight on the needle and valve it would be greatly appreciated.
    sorry about being long winded!!! lol

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    come on guys, surely somebody knows the answer to this

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