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    Removing PTO housing

    I have the engine out to replace the flywheel bolts, do I need to remove the water pump? (I didn't order a water pump gasket)

    Also I was looking at the oiling mod and I know it's not needed for a stock 215, but what if I was to install an x-charger in the future? is it needed? keep in mind I am more of a rec rider than anything else and I will not sacrifice reliability for power. Your responses are much appreciated.

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    remove the water pump. The SC oiling is not needed for an x. I is a good idea but not needed

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    Concidering Sea-Doo installed the SCer oiler mod in 08 for the X charger,i would install the mod...Even if you never install a bigger charger,it will definatly help your Scer clutches ....As far as a waterpump gasket,IF you take yours apart carefully you can re-use it,BUT i would replace it even though they are not that expensive and very very easy to replace as they are only a rubber insert/gasket...
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    yes the oil mod is a good idea i have been running an x-charger for over 350 hrs in my 06 limited without it never had a problem but i do rebuilds every 100 hrs

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