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    New OEM Parts

    Where are you guys sourcing oem parts from nowadays? At the end of last season my #4 piston in the f12x let go and I'm in the process of rebuilding it. But I cannot find anyone online who sells crank bearings or pistons. Any suggestions?

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    Darn, sold a good lower end to SBT as never sold it for 2 years, you can try ebay or can I ask why it let go, how many hours?

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    I'm not sure what caused the failure but the piston skirt broke and caused the piston to separate from the rod. None of the rods are bent/broke, so I don't think it hydro locked. It has about 200 hours on it.

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    Honda dealer can't get them?

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    Ski doc international call Brian

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    Honda dealer can't get them?
    Hell...the Honda dealer that used to sell and service them by me wont even service them anymore, let alone order parts. They don't even want the word Aquatrax mentioned it seems.

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    There is a dealership in Florida that still sells these ski's and I want to say I seen that you could get parts from its site

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