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    first jet ski...Is 300 hours TOO many? what do you think?

    Found this 2005 ultra 150 for sale. love the colors of the 05. But more goes into buying a ski than pretty colors. So heres the deal, 2005 with 300 hours. doing the math that comes out to about 40 hours a year. Question, what is considered normal or average hours per year? im sure location has to do with it, flordia ski versus maine. this is a jersey ski. He said 100 hours on "engine rebuild/overhaul" with reciepts. "new steering controls" "rebuilt pump" "brand new carbs" and always "garaged kept". comes with trailer...$3000. So what is your instant reaction? My plan is to buy a 2-stroke and keep it forever as my "2-stroke" and buy numerous 4-strokes throughout the future, but always keeping my first, my baby, my ultra. Question 1, how many hours is too many? Question 2, what is average? Question 3, what do you think? go kick the tires and run a compression test or wait for something better? I have no issues replacing parts over the months and future to keep it mint. I just want to make sure this is a good starting ski. Sorry for the rant and thankyou for any responses.

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    First look at the receipts for the engine rebuild. Did he do it himself or replace it with an sbt pos. What kinda pistons were used? Is the cylinders sleeved or plated? These are the questions you need to ask. Cant tell you how many hours are tk many, here in ct I put about 50 on an year while others like ny bro maybe put about 5. Your best bet is to kick the tires look at the bottom of the hull, compression test and what the pump looks like. Was it a salt water ski? Guess it could easily come down to the owner, if I ever choose to sell my ultra it will look as good as one with lower hrs since I constantly maintain in.

    So your new to ultra 150s? When looking make sure the pumps in good shape, engine is using plated cylinders anything sbt walk away. Gauge and trim work.

    3k is high, I picked my 01 up for 1100 bucks with a fresh top end and my current 03 with a blown engine for 350 bucks. Don't get your heart set on this one keep looking

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    If you don't know how to wrench on a ski then 300 hrs is too many for your 1st ski.
    4k in florida bought my buddy a 09 gti130 with less than 30hrs and a is in mint condition

    Look around for a less used ski unless you like wrenching on them..
    Just my .02

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    hey thank you for some responses. i dont mind wrenching on the ski. no issues with that, sure i have to learn some but actually wrenching isnt a worry and i think i would enjoy it. yes i am new to the world of ultra's but after doing a lot of homework on here i have educated myself to some common issues with them. but seems like the proper maintenance and quality of ownership is more important than the actual hours. but at the same time 300 hrs does seems like a lot for a first ski. i am in no rush really and should probably wait for a better deal to come around or wait to see if this ends up being a tough sell for him and then i could low ball him. thank you green hulk. oh!! should they be sleeved or plated?

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    Correction from my post above.
    *if the cylinders are sleeve walk away
    *if its an sbt rebuild or sbt anything at that matter walk away.

    Sbt and ultra 150 do not mix

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    I dont know shit about ultra's but from the way you state it this is a 100 hour ski assuming the parts/receipts check out, everything is claimed to be repalced recently. So it boils down to the owner. If it looks really really good and taken care of the hours would not scare me. I am a yammi guy, and watch prices all ways looking for skis to flip. 05 gpr's are generly 3-5k around me. I know that is not the same thing, but jjst kinda comparing prices for ya.

    One thing that scares me tho is the "brand new carbs" moter has 100 hours, was it ran with bad carbs? That quistion would make me walk away at that price most likely

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    At 100 hours on a rebuild, its about time for a top end freshen up.....

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    I'm with everyone else on this ski.... There are much better deals to be had. My 01 has 135 hours on it and had been through all of the above mentioned... Even at best case it has 100 hours and that puts it really close to being due for some maintenance.... Pump again/ top end.... And that's all assuming this was a quality rebuild and not done by Sbt.... Too many bad check marks in my book, but hey everyone gets lucky once in awhile....

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    On an Ultra 150, you can expect to do a top overhaul about every 200 hours. Sounds like this one is halfway through this run on the pistons & rings. As stated, do NOT buy an Ultra with sleeved cylinders or SBT parts. I'm pretty sure this has OEM parts--SBT wouldn't last that long.

    That said, the price may be a little high, but that depends on your local market. I've never seen cheap JetSkis in my area. Several times I've traveled 300 miles each way to pick up a deal that really wasn't as good as those mentioned above.

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