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    Running Cams with an R3 Reflash?

    I had recently found the newer option to add tuning for Cams with the R6 & other race fuel tunes.

    NOTE:For R6 tune and RC2-RC3 Cams, order the R6-C and specify Custom Rev Limit Setting. The R6-C has a specific fuel table to have a great idle at lower vacuum ratios (12-14 inches) associated with tighter LSA’s and bigger duration camshaft kits. The R&D R6 ECU Programs are set up to use stock injectors and the R&D Rising Rate Fuel Regulator System.

    I was hoping to do either RC2 or RC3 cams when adding springs, retainers & gears to my upcoming build. Have already been advised that they are not a good choice for a rec ski from one of the best sources (which I respect). And I know the idle & starting could be a pita with a standard R3 flash.

    But with the advent of the new "-C" R&D tunes, I am wondering if there will possibly be an R3-c flash available? Not looking to run race fuel, just some extra rpm's & power band from the cams. And if so, does anyone have any experience or advice for running cams with a reflash?

    No big deal to do without the cams, but would be even better if a revised R3-c could make it possible!

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