The ski has been ridden in fresh water for about 99 percent of the time. The ski belongs to my mother and she is the only person to ride it other than an adult woman friend of the family and a neighbors grown daughter and each of them only rode it one time.. Now my mother is 96 years old and back in 2008 she wanted a new ski so she went out and bought a new Yamahaa FXHO Cruiser to ride in a poker run on that weekend. The seadoo had failed to start the weekend before due to some kind of electrical problem. This is in late July and the dealers are all packed with repair work and she wanted to go on this poker run so she went and bought the new ski. Turned out that the only thing wrong with the Seadoo was a blown fuse. I took the ski in a few weeks ago to have it completely checked out and serviced to make sure its ready to sell. Mom loves her Yamaha and is looking forward to riding again this summer. She will be 97 next month. Totally true facts, No BS.

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