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Thread: 06 rxp trouble

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    06 rxp trouble

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and I signed up because I've never actually had any questions I would just read but I actually have a question that's really frustrating me have an 06 RXP with riva stage 3 kit I had rebuild 8 hours ago and currently having troubles of really had trouble since day one but I have a lot of blow by coming out of my Riva catch can so I believe that it's coming from the sensor which I believe is called a shut off solenoid is it possible that that sensor has gone bad and now oil just spews out my catch can

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    Is your oil level correct?
    With too much oil it can push it out.

    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!

    If you've had issues since the rebuild why not bring it back to whom ever did the job???

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    I wish it were that easy to bring it back but the guy is always busy

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    How much oil should be in the ski if I drain it with the pump thanks for your help

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    With the ski warm and on level ground it should be 1/2 way between the 2 bends on the stick.
    Ski needs to idle for 30+ seconds when warm then shut it off and check it.

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    Ok I'll check it I really appreciate the help man

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    The oil is so low it does not read

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    I don't think the rings have gone bad in 8 hrs

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    What was the finish hone grit and what was the clearance set to?

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    if the washer was left out between the cam gear and tops valve it will blow oil out like crazy

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