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    Where can I buy viper red gelcoat?


    I bought a rxt -08 at the end off the season last year. Great machine however there were some things that needs fixing. One of them is that the gelcoat on top started cracking. Got some free time coming up so figured I would get it sorted before summer arrives HOWEVER the only place in Sweden I can find that sells the correct gelcoat charges 300$ for 2oz!!!

    Figured that can't be right and found two other websites, one in Canada and one in Usa that sells it for a tenth off that price. Unfortunatly neither off them ships to Sweden, so I was hoping one of you guys might know where I can turn to? I dont really care if it comes with hardener or not since that stuff is easily aquired here in Sweden.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    sorry to say this but dont think you can ship any type of Flamables overseas from US or Canada, if shiped within the US it can only go ground, they dont even allow Perfumes or Batterys to be shipped any more, Im sure there is some place on your side that you will find to buy Gel

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    Is the gelcoat itself flamable? I thought only the hardener was.

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