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    2000 GSX RFI a Good Ski?

    Saw one for sale with trailer for $2900. Has 50 hours on it. It looks new.

    Whats the good and bad on this ski?

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    I am cut an pasting my last post because it is the same for you.

    One thing I always tell people when buying one or I am selling one is: 1:Run prem gas all the time. 2: run DI OR RFI seadoo oil only( I am an amsoil man) but seadoo is safe bet. There is a difference from carb syn then the DI/RFI oil MORE ON THE DI side do to the oil that is needed to lube the vac pump right?
    3: The only reason they jumped into rfi and di is emissions control. So in turn this made a carbed motor with a computer controlled fuel delivery feel like it was ready and warmed up the minute you start it. NOT You should always start let idle for a min and then ride under 5000-6000 rpms for the 1st 5mins just to make sure you are all warmed up and lubed up before you "drive it like you stole it" 4: End of day or year of riding... The most imortant thing to do each time you are done for the day is to take it out of the water rev the motor 3 or 4 times to push out the water from the exhaust. If it is going to sit for some time make sure to get the tank of gas down to a couple of gallons only put a little stable in tank and once you are ready to drop in the water to start the next season fill tank to top with prem fresh fuel. 5: NEW top of line battery every two years even if its seems fine.. The stator and rectifier are made for carb style set ups but are expected to run a whole new rfi electric system. New battery helps keep all systems running right and will help you not need to replace a rectifier every two years.. TOP OF LINE BATTERY means sealed and high cranking amps.. I love batteries plus two year warranty battery $110 but in spring there is always a rebate.
    1001: If your not a handy man and don't have lots of cash I would pass and move to carb or 4tec.
    Good Luck

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    I would pass. I have a 99 RFI I bought cheap and pulling my hair out getting to run correctly. Carb engines are easier for me. In additon, I think the price is too high. What part of the country are you in? You may be able to pick up 4 stroke this time of year for that price. Just my .02 worth.

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    Seems high to me to, I picked up a 2000 gtx rfi with trailer for 1400.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drufire View Post
    Seems high to me to, I picked up a 2000 gtx rfi with trailer for 1400.
    The price is very competitive for the area. Complete junk sells for 1700 and you won't find a decent four stroke for under 3.

    I am not too concerned about the price but more worried about the reliability of this machine. So thanks for the comments. I need my thinks to run and not be difficult.

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    the rfi is a pretty good and should be a reliable ski. (the DI's are the hard ones to work on.) same difference as a carbed vs fuel injected car. rfi consists of bosch injectors, throttle position sensor, air temp sensor, air flow sensor and a straight forward bosch fuel pump vs carbs that need tinkering and fine tuning. fuel injection = cleaner emissions and better fuel economy. most people use a scan tool such as budds or candoo to diagnose but may not be required. the fuel system sensors mentioned above can be tested with an ohm meter specs provided via owners manual. that being said, its a 14 year old ski with very little hours which means is probably sat long periods of time. so proper maint, would be a must during storage time such a regular fogging, winterize, and fuel stabilizer. if you are from the west of the states like i am, 2900 is the going price for a clean ski. back east however would be a lot cheaper. i know folks out west think there skis are made of gold. lol! make sure you compression test and test ride any ski before you buy! it may run good on the trailer but doesn't mean nothing! compression should be 150 psi. 135psi or less could mean a rebuild in the near future. also make sure the po ran the correct oil should be full synthetic API-TC the main weak spot of the rfi is that it has a weak rectifier but could be swapped out with one from a newer 4 tec one. offer him $2500 just make sure it runs good on the water!
    the rfi's are are very reliable and the 787 is a dam good engine, but just need diagnostic skills if and when issues arise. that goes for carbed ski's as well.

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    I am in the Twin Cities. Boats prices in this area have been pretty strong for a while especially for certain ones. We get Canadians that come down here and scope them up depleting the market. Good, clean used skis are like bars of silver. Pontoons? Are like gold. It is gotten actually pretty nutty.

    Needless to say, it is winter. So, impossible to test anythign in the water. I am very cautious about buying boats off season UNLESS from a dealer who will stand behind something. Nevertheless, here I am considering this one.

    We currently have a pontoon and another ski. Wifey wants a second one. I would really prefer to dump the one I have and just get a nice 4 stroke, BUT....I used to have a 97 SPX and it was blast to ride. The new ones just don't ride like these anyone and for 2500....well, I could buy the dam thing, keep it for 5 years, and sell it for at least $1500...probably more.

    I am a very busy guy. Coach competitive softball in the summer, travel for work, and kids....I don't have the time to tinker with crap. We will play 100 games from May to August. I will frankly have the ski in the water probably 3 to 5 times...thats, it needs to work! And, I don't have time to crawl around stuff.

    So, for $2500 or even $2900....I have no issue with the price. I will be the guy selling this thing in 5 years and it will have 90 hours on it

    So, lets say i offer the guy $2,000 or some low-ballish deal. What should I look for on this unit? What questions to ask? I know how to check wear rings and compression....thanks for the data.

    How do I test the rectifier? IF the rectifier is bad or should go bad, what is the cost to replace?

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    Well, I contacted the is sold. Buyer picking up tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaterDR View Post
    Well, I contacted the is sold. Buyer picking up tomorrow.
    good luck on your continued search!

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    I told him to let me know if the deal falls through but the seller spooked me a little. He thinks its in mint condition (which I believe) and that the rectifier was replaced (ok...need to see if thats really true if I were a buyer), but he only bought it two weeks ago. Hum... His story is that he bought it, but then found a pair of them on a double trailer instead. So he is selling this one and buying the other two. There are, in fact, two '96 models for sale on a trailer for $4,000 on CL. One is heavily modified and the other stock.

    Anyway, if he calls me back, I will go take a look. BUT....few red flags.

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