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    somethings possibly forgotten?

    concerning the brp spark mods,
    has anyone considered oil blowby issues and how they are addressed?
    how much power and torque is needed before the engine explodes?
    I can see the there should be a happy medium between having as much power but also torque and very importantly a good prop pitch.
    reliability is good if your not racing it.
    the reason im asking is because a pwc of this size and weight will be ideal for running the class 4 and 5 rapids I have here at home and I need acceleration above all so I can get away from what I need.
    I understand everybody wants top speed but this machine seems more like a freestyle motocross bike than a bmw hp4 or a hayabusa....if I can use the motorcycle analogy.
    and also will the mods be overpriced?
    the reason im asking(again) is because I don't think spending as much on your mods as you spent on the ski makes sense and kills the spirit for anyones' desire to have a little more out of there pwc.
    thanks for reading

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    That wasn't overly clear.

    But I wouldn't be running any pwc near rapids. But if you are, I wouldn't do it with a spark. I'd think you would get tossed around from lack of power actually being put down. I'd rather have a little weight in the rear end to keep water flowing through the intake great.

    I also think it's an unstable platform for what you are trying to accomplish.

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    actually all of the above is not true but nonetheless it sounds logical.
    ive been running 4 years in these same rapids on a 1992 Yamaha superjet totally stock,and I know of many other guys on jet skis and much older and smaller pwc's.
    right not I have a heavily modded aquatrax f15x and while its still fun and doesn't fatigue me as much it does lack nimbleness.

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    We've done destruction testing on our engine management systems for the spark.

    We would not release maps if they are not safe for longevity.

    We have a rule at vtech, where we prefer owners to have their tuned engine last 300+ hrs rather than 15-20 hrs.

    If it makes any interest to about blow by, we noticed no loss in compression with over 10 psi boost for 1 hr on stock compression.

    Obviously we won't post all our testing publicly but you can rest assured when you go with vtech, we have done all the testing for you.

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