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    2014 RXT-260 Ride Report and 20 Years of 'Dooin' It

    I just picked up my 2014 RXT-260 and wanted to share my initial impressions and take a trip down memory lane. I bought my first PWC in 1994 and it was a new SPX. One of the enjoyable aspects of this sport for me has been to experience the evolution of the machines. The differences between the SPX and the RXT-260 are awe inspiring.

    After 17 hours of riding in the Gulf of Mexico here's the things about the RXT that really work for me:
    1) The cruise and slow speed mode. There are speed limits and many no wake zones in the bays I ride in and these functions make it so much easier to navigate them.
    2) The brake and reverse control with the lever on the handlebar.
    3) The three modes of the engine control module. This gives the boat three different personalities.
    4) The nimbleness and turning ability at low speeds.
    5) The seat is a one piece unit that is hinged so it is easy to inspect the engine compartment on the water.
    6) The watertight and removable container in the bow.
    7) The exhaust note sounds like that of an exotic car.

    The things that I don't like (when compared to my old FZS):
    1) The bow bounces too much in the rough. Even with the trim all the way down I can't keep the hull from pitching excessively. This may be because of my driving skills.
    2) The boat "crabs" in high speed sweeping turns. I'm sure this condition could be rectified with different sponsons.
    3) The handlebar grips are slippery and uncomfortable to hold onto. I have replaced them with a set of grips from the original Sea-Doos.

    I'm sure my opinions will change as I get more seat time but initial impressions are very positive and I'm glad I bought it. It's been a fun 20 years of riding for me. I started with an 80HP two cycle powered unit and 11 boats later I'm on a 260HP four cycle powered one with many features of a high performance speed boat.

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    Great post! I have the same ski but a 2012... Very happy with it... Now, put some mods on it

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    Great feedback I have a gtx 155 that has same hull and I love it. Like the colour scheme.

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