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    Reverse lever won't go all the way down?

    I attached a picture of the reverse lever as far down as it will go, while the bucket is as far up as it will go, wondering if anyone has a suggestion on what I should check. This is my first Seadoo, appreciate the help!
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    Check where the cable attaches to the arm under the glove box I bet it's bent.

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    Is the cable puffy anywhere?

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    that cable doesn't look healthy.

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    Replace that cable.

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    If it's still working fine and it only sticks up a little bit then I'd save the cash.. its not hurting anything..
    My .02

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    I ended up unbolting the end of the rod from the side of the bucket, pushed the bucket all the way up, pushed the lever all the way down, then adjusted the end of the rod to match back up.. tightened the little jam nut, bolted it back up.. works fine now, travels to full lock in each direction & the hand lever sits down flush now. Should that be fine?

    Also, wondering if I don't want to spend the cash on new steering/reverse cables at the moment, what's the best way to lube them? I saw some small holes that appeared as if someone in the past used some sort of needle/syringe to lube every few inches that was accessible. Would that make sense?

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    If you still have problems, might want to check you steering cable lock - the open bolt where your cable enter the transom. It's made of plastic. My reverse got "sloppy" on both of my RXTs. Turns out, in both instances the cable lock was broke in the threads from wear and tear. I replaced it, after effort of having them removed, and all has been well since. Just some FYI...

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    I def. would have went this way if I'd known... thanks for future reference.

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