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    Oil Filter/ wrong one?

    Just purchased a oil change kit for a 2013 VX Crusier. The oil filter in the kit is 69J-13440-01-00.
    The OEM Parts on this site say's it should be 69J-13440-20. Will the 01 work? The dealer is 80 miles away. If I have to I will order the filter here and mark it up as lessoned learned to check it before leaving the dealership.

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    The kit you purchased is for the SHO 1800 cc engine. Your VX has the 1100cc MR1 engine. Your filter is 5GH-13440-20-00. You can order the filter through this site here( http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....&c=0-CRANKCASE )

    They do make an oil change kit for the MR1 engine as well ( ) . The oil is the same, filters different. The kit for your ski is cheaper as it has 1 less quart of oil and the 5GH filter is 1/2 the cost of the 69j.

    The dealer may have mistook your VX as a VXR, which has the 1800cc engine without the supercharger. Or they're just retarded.

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    Thanks for the response. Should have realized that (retarded) when he kept asking and fumbling through the book.


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    You selling that oil filter?

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