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    1999 Polaris Genesis 1200

    Had it out last year in August was jumping wake left by Seadoo Utopia boat, heard a metal sound and motor died.
    Hauled into shore and loaded onto trailer, hit start button and started up and ran fine. Thought maybe sucked something in.
    Put back into water started - smoked lots and died. loaded onto trailer again - starts fine (runs, idle and revs fine - maybe more smoke
    than is normal).

    When putting away for winter pulled hull drain plugs and found some oil mixed in with water in bottom of hull.


    Do not think that it has 100 hours on it yet...

    thanks all

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    Out of the water an engine can seem to run OK even if one cylinder is completely toasted.

    Inspect the engine. Check cylinder compression. All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open, strong battery.

    If compression is within spec, remove jet pump and drive shaft. Inspect pump for bearing troubles or other issues.

    With drive shaft removed, turn engine coupler by hand (spark plugs out) and check for odd noises or piston slop as the engine is turned.

    See my signature links for some useful info and how-to links.

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