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    98 pro785 issues

    I should have posted this during summer... Anyways, i picked up this pro that has been sitting outside for a while supposedly "winterized". I put fresh gas and oil in it and she runs. not great but ok. I put it on the water and it really hesitates then pick up to speed but i was only hitting about 50mph? Whas the top speed of this thing supposed to be? After burning through some gas then changing the plugs it helped a little bit. The next day i took apart the power valves and made sure they werent seized and it got a tiny bit more responsive. When sitting on the trailer it takes a good squeeze of the throttle to really get the RPMs up. I honestly think my sl780 is faster... Are there any common issues with this model i should check?

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    top end on a Pro should be 60 to 62 MPH, but should get there quick, like arm ripping quick. Sounds like the carbs need to rebuilt. No really common issues with this ski, but remember, this boat was designed for racing not rec riding . Setup and maintained this ski is a blast to ride .

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    What are your rpm's?

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    Good route to go would be cleaning the carbs and replacing fuel lines if it sat for a while. Get a ratcheting stubby wrench and pull the six nuts out below. Looks like a pain but with the right tool it's no big deal. The lines on a lot of these polaris machines gum up and can actually stop the flow of fuel to the carbs or create a gel that can get in your carbs and gum up. Which in turn can burn a piston up if one isn't getting fuel. Get an oem Mikuni carb rebuild kit replace the rubber pieces and spray each passage thoroughly. Kits are 50 bucks a carb. But for $150 it's worth it over a new piston and redoing a cylinder. Also speaking of cylinders do a compression test and make sure you have an even compression across the board. Should be anywhere from 120-140 depending. Also the link below will get into way more details. Good luck.

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