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    [Logbook] SHO Dragao

    Hi everyone!
    New member here! Im Rudolf, im 24, and I am a proud owner of a 2010 SHO.

    Fow now, i just upgraded the Impeller. Im looking to buy a performance power filter and several things until July.
    Btw, the gelcoat has some light scratches and it's a little bit faded and im looking for a product to bring back the shine on it. Any product you guys recommend? Thank you Cheers from Portugal.

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    Congratulations on the ski and welcome to the forum. As far as the appearance goes it is normal automotive paint so anything used for a car will work on it.

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    Thank you!
    Im not sure about it.. Because, as i know, the car's paint has clear coat instead of gelcoat..

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    Yamahas are not gelcoat, they are painted. So car stuff works fine.

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    Welcome to the hulk. bryantjopplin, is right ....not gelcoat, a good automotive compund & wax should do the trick.

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    Nice then!! I was thinking about buying some abrasive++ compound, but if you guys say it is clear coat on yamahas, im relaxed now thank you

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    If its faded, chances are the clear coat is gone. They were very crappy for this ski and never lasted long. I'd personally do a teardown and a full spray job on her, with a quality gel coat.

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    Well, its not faded.. it has shine, but not 100% because it has some swirls marks and scratches that makes the shine not so shinny eheh Im in doubt about buying compound, or polish for a first polish stage. Then finish it with fine polish and wax or selant on it.

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    Today im detailing my sho.

    Pictures very soon!!

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    Washing+wetsanding+polishing (more pictures soon)

    Redex shampoo
    Microfiber sponge
    Sandpaper ( P800, P1200, P2000, P3000)
    Einszett Ultra Paint Polish
    Einszett Chrome and Metal Polish
    Meguiars cutting pad

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