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    I'm out to inspect a 2001 seadoo lrv this morning. What are all the things I should look for? When I compression test should the motor be warm or cold? How can I check the oil pump? I have been told a cable should be inspected, which cable? Where is it located and what am I looking for on it? What else other than that should I look for? The motor has 7 hours on it a rebuild. What's the break in point on a rebuild?

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    Im slightly retarded. But i believe comp on a fresh top end 951. 130psi ish, the throttle cable comes down left side of hull to a plastic splitter where it splits to oil pump and carbs tbi or w.e.. big things that have got me in past:
    Make sure the vts works,
    Inspect hull for damage.
    Inspect wear ring/impeller.
    Have him run it on hose for you.

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    I plan to water test it. What is the vts.... This will be my first ski. The wear ring has been replaced.

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    This boat turned out to be a Jerry rigged pos. Not buying and now looking at a 2003 gtx with 4tec

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