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    Unhappy Stress cracks appearing in external pump tunnel gelcoat..

    I have just noticed that the whole gelcoat surface of the rear pump tunnel is covered with stress cracks and I mean covered. (Both side walls, top and back wall).

    More concerning is that there are about 10 running straight out on the back wall directly from where the pump shoe fixes to the hull.

    They can be seen and felt with your fingernail, but are only in the gelcoat. I can only describe them as you see in old ceramic coffee mugs when the outer glaze has crazed with age. Not cracked all the way through the mug, just the outside.

    Is this a problem? Do I need to fix / strengthen (aka 2008 RXT-X that had the thinner hull and became stressed). The ski has been running completely stock to this point, so no pressure issues.

    I can only think that sone kind of twisting, flexing ot torque has moved the tunnel slightly and cracked the gelcoat.

    Comments, thoughts, reassurance anything please.

    it's a 2012 RXT X 260 aS.

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    Time to strengthen the pump tunnel before you have worse issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    Time to strengthen the pump tunnel before you have worse issues.
    Am I the first to see this on an S3 hull?

    Surely, stock pressures at the pump shouldn't do this so easily?

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    Just one thing, I'm not sure I'm using the correct terminology. When I say pump tunnel I am talking about the open box area of the hull (when looking at the ski from behind and facing the pump) which houses the pump, IBR, exhaust, steering cable etc.

    I Do Not mean the tube / tunnel area of the hull around the pump drive shaft that you see through the intake grate.

    Hope that clarifies where I'm looking.

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    Probobly just gel cracks, is there any way to inspect the inside? Im unfamilure with your model, but I am a Fiberglass, composite Guy,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek45 View Post
    Probobly just gel cracks, is there any way to inspect the inside? Im unfamilure with your model, but I am a Fiberglass, composite Guy,
    It's only in the gelcoat, but I more worried about why. Why is it flexing so much there to crack the gelcote? Is it as bad as it will get? Can it turn into actual cracks deeper into the skin of the hull? Etc etc

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    Can you post a picture? The term "pump tunnel" usually refers to the duct that feeds water into the impeller. I'm glad you clarified that the cracking is in the recess that houses the pump assembly. I just bought a RXT and I can't see a thing in there.

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    my 08(and my 03)GTx has those, especially near the boarding step. they've been there forever and no problems(looks like hell though)

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    mine has had them from day 1

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    I've put up a couple of photo's of the cracking in an album called 'Cracking Gelcoat' under my profile.

    I have checked the inside of the tunnel area and there are absolutely no internal cracks whatsoever.

    Take a look at the photo's , it's like this on all sides of the rear pump area.

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