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    newbie needs some advice.

    Hey everyone! Im Adam and i live in the st.louis area if you couldnt tell. Im looking at getting myself into a new pwc. I used to ride alot but kind of got out of the whole deal because i bought a gto a few years back and now that its been sold for a while ive got an itch for a new toy. Ive been pretty much set on buying a new 2014 fzs. I like yamaha and they seem to be very reliable and fast. It also seems like you dont have to put much money into them to make the fzs/fzr do 80 mph. Now heres my problem. I went to the boat show today and the kawasaki 310x is looking like a decent ski in all aspects. I just havent heard much about their reliability. I know there is some hardcore yamaha and kawasaki nutswingers on the boards but i jst need some advice on why i would pick the 310x over the fzs. Btw seadoo is out of the question.

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    Well i guess this is in the wrong section. Fml. Damn newbs.

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