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    550 in a 300 hull no power

    Hi All!
    I was given a 300 hull with a 550 engine it was free so I took it. Any way I got it running pretty well but in the water it has no power. I have heard that I may need to put a bigger pump in it (from a 440 550 or 650) I haven't done a compression test yet but that may be a factor. Any help would be great!

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    It sounds like you answered all your questions.
    Yes, you need to check both jetpump and engine compression.

    For jetpump, you should at least have a 550 impeller.

    For engine compression, you should have somewhere in between 140-160 psi with stock head.

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    The 550 piston port motor only makes 30hp. Don't expect a lot of power out of it, especially out of the hole.

    At the end of the day.. unless that thing is a real gem, I would probably flip it if it starts and runs and then roll that money into something better.. or part it out on ebay if its a roach.

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