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    1999 waverunner suv1200

    hey does anyone have a engine for a 99 suv1200

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    Cough cough *motorswaptime* cough

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtaylor240 View Post
    hey does anyone have a engine for a 99 suv1200
    Hey there..

    Firstly Welcome to the forum..

    Think your best bet would be one of these here from SBT.

    Not everyone recommends SBT but their warranty is pretty difficult to beat, as are their prices.?
    Especially if you were to go for the premium option (which is two years)

    On a ski like an SUV where modifying it is unlikely then SBT is a decent choice.
    - If nothing else it's certainly an option to be considered..

    What exactly happened with your own engine..??
    - if for example your own melted a piston or threw a rod/crank.
    - then the original fault would need to be addressed before an engine swap.! or you'd be right back fitting a third engine..!!!

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