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    Rebuilding a VX110 head. Can I re-use the 10 head nuts?

    I was caught off guard the other night trying to assemble my VX110 head. I was using a Clymer manual because I didn't have access to my computer where the motor was at to get at the nice .pdf that I was gifted.

    The torque spec on the 10 NUTS (not bolts) for the head had some inch lb measure that roughly translated to 14.74 foot pounds or so. I initially torqued them in sequence to that rating after dipping each nut and washer in motor oil (as per the manual). Then I flipped the page to see that I needed to finish off some of the bolts to something like 121 degrees and others to some other degree angle.

    Thank you VERY much vxTony (edit: kwtony) for taking my text and getting me a cool idea on how to build torque angle meter! I appreciate the quick text pic on that.

    The question I have is if it is okay to re-use all of the same nuts and bolts on this reassembly. I just couldn't get my head wrapped around the logic of pre-torqueing a Nut and then finishing it off by turning it an additional specific degree. I mean...I understand the concept of what they want...but there are too many variables IMO with reusing these nuts to have that torque setting work out to be exact the second...third...fourth time around on rebuilding...right? I picture the stud bolts that these NUTS are being torqued to stretching out a bit causing false torque eventually. Or is it because the engine oil is applied to these NUTS that there is very little possibility of debris or junk in the threads to cause bad torque results? I have a feeling that there is not as much stretch as I am imagining in this case and that I'm just being a bit nit-picky with what they are calling for.

    First 4 stroke head rebuild here...and I want to run it for a bit and then possibly do my first conversion with the motor so I don't want to F it up.
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    The manual doesnt mention that you cannot reuse them. It does mention parts that are not reusable but neither the nuts or the studs are mentioned. I reused them on several rebuilds without any issues. Yeh, it doesnt make sense to me either.

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    Cool. Thanks

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    Hahahah vx tony that's funny. Hell. I've reused them as well. No issues. Glad you are getting this bad boy back up and running !

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    Dammit, now I have to go change a bunch of postings giving your doppelganger "vxtony" props LOL. I keep forgetting your username since you always help me with this damn VX LOL. I guess it's good that you don't help me with prostate questions or I guess I would assume your screen name get the picture

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