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    GP 760 as a wave jumper?? what do you think

    Been looking for a gp1200, cant seem to find too many. I have been seeing alot of 760's. I am looking for a ski to only jump waves with and get as much air as possible. Top speed DOES NOT mean anything to me really. And i do not want a blaster. I am just looking for some reviews or opinions on how the 760 jumps waves compaired to the 1200. how far off is the holeshot from one another? does the 760 feel that much lighter? 1200 vs 760 judged soley on wave jumping which do you pick? i am in no rush so i'll probably wait for the 1200 but the 760 has peaked my interest. And one last question, does the 97 760 suffer from the weaker hull that the 1200 did in 97 as well? thanks for any responses as i couldnt find to much info on the 760 in the surf.

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    i had one back in 99 , it was fun reliable and yes I jump waves with it. 1200 has more weight .

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    i had 2 97 gp760s before i upgraded to a 2013 vxs....thew gp 760 in my opinion is very manuverable and a fun lil ski to throw around....not the fastest but fun and it will get air just far as the hull on the 97 i never had a problem with either ski of almost 200 hours...may wanna rebuild carbs and replace oil lines on whatever you get just to be on the safe side....

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    I've got 2 GP 760's. One stock with original 760 and one with 701. I had no problem jumping waves last season. I'm 165 dripping wet but they were both fun to run. I'm replacing impeller this season and anxious to try it out. Dropping pitch a bit. I care nothing about speed. I want arm stretching acceleration and low end performance. Haven't even run my 800. Bought it and had it fixed up. It should rip.

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    do you think i would get more air with the 1200?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincent vega View Post
    do you think i would get more air with the 1200?
    i have my doubts.

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