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    Adding K&N Race flame arrestors - re-jetting needed?

    I've searched and can't find any info. as far as jetting changes to a '98 GP760 when going from stock setup to K&N high flow flame arrestors. It's stock with nothing more than updated solas impeller. Do I need to re-jet the carbs and change pop off? Seems like I recall reading about it but can't find any info. Thanks.

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    probably could tweak the mixture a little to the rich side, then put new plugs in it and do a top speed run to see what the combustion looks like.
    Get her warmed up and then run up to top speed and pull lanyard and kill the engine, don't deaccelerate with the throttle, leave the throttle pinned open, just pull the kill switch.
    then pull the plugs and look at them.
    or switch them out...if you do this, prolly need to do it on a calm day. That way you can take photos of them and let an expert tuner look at them.

    The other thing to do is to go a little heavier on the oil ratio mixture.

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    Thanks. I've yet to do a plug chop. Water still a little cold here in Dallas. I ran it once after rebuild and being on the water in less than a wetsuit skeered me, especially since I was the ONLY one out there. I know it will run lean but was hoping that someone had a similar setup with the race K&N's and could tell me what jet and float they used along with pop off.

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    typically you dont need to rejet, just adjust your popoff

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