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    First Seadoo Need some help 1996 GTI

    I just got an old 1996 GTI that has sit for 5 years that Im trying to get going. 717 engine. When inserting the key I hear two beeps that are very faint. Hit the starter and it will crank engine but not fast enough. It sort of chugs. New battery and I have tried three other good batteries with the same results. I can remove the plugs and it will spin quickly untill you put a finger over the spark plug holes.A little oil seems to come out the plug holes. I can turn the engine by hand and it turns fine {feels normal anyway} It has fire and good compression Around 150psi. Any idea why the starter seems to not turn the engine fast enough? I had lots of jetskis but Im new to Seadoos and dont know alot about them especially the warning and diagnostic beeps. Maybe somebody could explain these to me. Thanks for any help...

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    Check all your grounds and connections from the battery, solenoid, starter. Be sure they are clean. Other than that, you may have a weak starter. 2 beeps means you Mpem recognizes your key and it's ready to start. Being faint probably is just the beeper going out.

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    Spray some PB blaster in the center hole of the beeper and it usually clears it up. +1 on the starter

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    The beeper has started to sound alot louder now. Does this engine need an unusually strong battery to turn it?

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    Like they said. Check and clean all negative and positive connections for the engine ground and starter system. Had that issue on mine.

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    id replace all the main leads. Ground included as everything on that ski is 17 years old. yes these engines need 12.5V anthing below that..its not going to start or turn slowly

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