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    2001 xl800

    Hey, I purchased 2001 Yamaha XL800 last summer. It had 60 hours on it. I replaced oil lines as soon as I got it. It ran good and strong. Then out of the blue I was pulling a small tube and it blew up. I brought it to a shop because I was super busy and had no time to look at it myself. They told me it blew a crank bearing? I talked to a cousin of mine who said that with it being so old, and so few hours that the bearing could have easily built up rust with condensation and so forth. Could this be true? I'm just afraid to rebuild it and it be something else and it happen again.

    Anyways, my top end is garbage and the bottom end had lots of metal shavings in it. What would you guys recommend, buying a crate motor and swapping it out or just doing a complete rebuild? And where do you recommend buying stuff from.

    Thanks Sam.

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    I've been informed by the local shop that these Yamaha's are bullet proof if you care for them properly. I'd not hesitate to rebuild that engine despite the damage. Could be several things that caused the bearing failure but I'd not let that discourage the rebuild. Moisture in the crank, air leak in lower case, etc. could have caused it. I just finished a 701 rebuild and it was pretty straightforward. There's plenty of info. on Greenhulk about rebuilds. Osidebill's posts are invaluable. Don't skimp on parts and I bet you'll be fine. I like to do my own work if at all possible so I know that I have nobody to blame if it fails! You can also send it to Group K or other reputable rebuilders.

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    Where do you buy your parts from?

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    I buy local from Dales Jet Sports in Dallas area. It's a short drive and he has most everything. Also has a good knowledge base of all skis. He's not the cheapest but I appreciate his advice. He has a full machine shop as well. Good guy to deal with.

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