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    Sea-Doo BRP doing great financially!

    We'll, I've been snooping around about BRP and tried to figure out why they śtopped making boats, but apparently they are doing very well, noticing all these new boats using their molds and the Rotax 1503. It seems that they have their ducks in order.

    They raised enough Capitol to really throw some money in their new products, and I think Sea-Doo's new Spark is really going to revolutionize the industry. It's really exciting times for Sea-Doo BRP!

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    Yeah also due to them jacking up parts prices in the last couple years,..20-40% on some parts..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    Yeah also due to them jacking up parts prices in the last couple years,..20-40% on some parts..
    I bet that is just supply and demand.

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    Well of course there doing good there the leader in the personal water craft industry everybody else is busy trying to copy them instead of trying to innovate on there own.

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    All of the $262m in proceeds from the IPO went to pay down debt......none of it is available for reinvestment in new products.....see first paragraph.....

    and none of the increase in the price of the shares since the IPO has gone to the company, it goes to the people who own the shares of stock.

    And BRPs sales are up due to increased sales of the Can Am roadsters---not See Doos......

    I hope they do well and this iteration of ownership is for a while....
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