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    My 701 Surf Rocker for my B1 made it here.

    I purchased this a few weeks back and unfortunately our wonderful Postal Service here in the states lost it right out of customs. It finally found my door step today. I will post up some installation pics later, but for now here are my first impressions after unwrapping.

    Let me start by saying that my expectations for this product was high after having a few and being around other 701 Industries products. I originally pictured in my mind that the Surf Rocker would be hollow molded much like the factory sponsons on say a Waiveraider, so when I picked the package up I was really shocked at the weight of the package. Not overly heavy by any means, but certainly heavier than a hollow molded part that I was expecting. Upon unwrapping, the weight made much more sense as the product is solid and strong, Now the weight is not enough that I feel it will overly weigh down or add too much weight to the bow of the ski, but enough to make for a solid product that will last. The mold is fantastic and well thought out as it actually has recesses molded in for the bolts that run through the bond rail to hold the front bumper on the ski. The spots for the screws are molded in as well and will make it easy to mark and drill the holes for screws to the bow. Overall, I am very pleased with my first hands on with the product and can certainly see the benefits that will outweigh the added weight and I can not wait to get it on the ski and in the water to test a little, if we ever get some surf around here. The one downside that I have is the off white color, however to be honest I knew when I ordered that the color was not going to match and thus not really a negative to the product. At the time I felt that it was my best option for the direction I was going. Just know that the white is not going to match perfect, but I feel that most will more than likely opt for one of the colored options or the black.

    Also if you plan on installing one of these make sure that you have any parts that you pan to add or replace from in that area such as Bow Eye, and/or a Tow loop. Especially if you use your bow eye, as the bottom of the bow eye is no longer accessible. I will be installing a Hot Products Tow Loop to use in my case as well as Cold Fusion Bow eye.

    As I said, I will post more pictures later as well as give another review after some riding, but I can't wait to see how it does in most riding conditions.

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    Hey there cegpcola

    Welcome to forum.

    This is an interesting piece from 701 for sure.
    - I have seen in the past posts where owners have chopped the entire lower nose off then attached a new rockered nose section.?

    Would very much like to have a ride on a rockered blaster.
    - I'm on the search for a standard blaster to begin the modification process with.
    - They're pretty scarce and really over priced here in the UK at the moment. (which doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon)

    Look forward to seeing your results.

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    Thanks! Yeah 701 designed this so you wouldn't have to cut the nose of the ski and it could be removed if wanted to later say if you wanted to sell the ski. The reason I went this way over the Cut Rockers is because I would rather have the advantages of a rockered nose without the loss of stability that a lot have seen from the Cut nose rocker kits. I currently am not trying to back flip so shortening the ski is not priority. The Idea of a rocker is to create a curve to the nose to get it to roll over the face of the wave instead of breaking through the face of the wave. This should accomplish this task as well as any other rocker out there. I am ready to get it installed and ride on it, but once the weather lets up for me to install, then I will have to wait for the sealant to cure after the install, so it will more than likely be a week before I can ride on it.


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    Ok, I got the Rocker installed yesterday. Went pretty easy, however it is recommended to have a spare set of hands handy. You have to be able to flex the rocker a little to get it up in the bond rail.

    Tools needed: 10mm wrench, Drill and drill bits (4mm bit roughly 1/8 inch, and 6.5mm roughly 1/4 inch), countersink bit, #3 Philips head (Prefer in a drill), a flat head screw driver (can help pry up the Front bumper, and a tube of 3m 5200 or 4200.

    Make sure that you do anything on the front that you will want to do such as Bow eye or tow loop since you can not get to the back of the bond rail after the install.

    1) Remove the nuts on the back of the bumper and fold the bumper up
    2) Mark the center of the bond rail and then measure 110mm (4.33 inches to either side) roughly half way up the bond rail
    3) Drill the two marked spots out with the 6.5mm (1/4) bit and then counter sink these 2 holes
    4) position the Rocker into place and drill the bottom hole on either side with the 4mm (1/ bit and screw in one of the 40mm screws in each to suck the bottom up
    5) drill the top holes on the side of the rocker with the 4mm (1/ bit and screw the remaining 2 40mm screws in these holes
    6) drill the holes that go through the bond rail into the rocker and screw the 2 50mm long screws into these holes and the rocker is now dry fitted
    7) remove the rocker and put a good amount of either 5200 or 4200 around the sides and bottom (Keep in mind that there are drain holes to allow water to drain so do not block them off
    re-fit the rocker and screw in.
    9) run a bit of 5200 or 4200 around the bond rail to secure the bumper and fold the bumper back down and press into place

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    A little video I did post installation. Please excuse my nervousness in the video as this is a new front for me, but I thought I would get a few of my thoughts on the product and the install on video.

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