Whether riding on the trailer down the road or sitting comfortably in the garage, the cover fits snug, and is easy to pull on or off.

Let me begin with a short story: Around six years ago, I built a very custom Kawasaki Ultra 250X while at Personal Watercraft Illustrated*(I know, I’ve mentioned it before). Far more impressive than its lackluster performance was the absolutely stunning paint job provided by the master artists at Blowsion. The ski simply was a showstopper whether it was tied up at a dock or running at full throttle.

The decision was made that we would debut the ski – christened “Copperhead” – at the magazine’s booth at the World Finals. In preparation for the busy weekend, I had the technicians at Meguiar’s headquarters carefully detail Copperhead from top to bottom. The day I arrived, it was unequivocally the best it had ever looked. Every inch glistened. Every surface was supremely slick.

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