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    2000 RX 947/951 DI build

    Well long story short.... Picked up a 99 Polaris Slth for $250 on a single trailer two weeks ago. Motor was rebuildable, low compression on front cylinder, everything was intact and I was planning on bringing her back to life.... Had the updated electronics and seemed promising...
    Fast forward to last week.... Small hull patch turned out to be a severe damage than spanned from tunnel to where the beam rose... Parted her out and stole her wheels.... Fast forward to today.... Picked up a 2000 RX with the 951 DI....

    $1000 with title....
    Not bad I think.
    Well just started diving into it to see where I'm at on it...
    Looks like the previous owner started to try and take the head off and I have hoses and electrical plugs dangling everywhere.
    Hooked a battery up and I get nothing on the display...
    Cables are disconnected to the throttle and an additional cable is hanging out at the rear.
    Hoses are off everywhere and I'm missing a bracket that holds the exhaust to the cases.
    Other than some thinking and possible top-end or......
    She's extremely clean on the inside and out.
    Time to track down a service manual to see where everything hooks up to, Scour eBay for misc bolts and brackets...
    And figure out why someone was trying to pull the head... Can't really compression test without it cranking... And can't see much inside the cylinder..
    If anyone has any suggestions to get me started on the mechanical and electrical system on this ski, I would be deeply appreciative!
    Thanks in advance!!

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    I just bought a New ski and im parting my RX-DI out let me know if theres anything you need.

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    Ouch.... The diagnosis is.... Completely f***ed!!!

    Selling polaris parts to fund engine..... Damn CL skis.... I should have known better and spent more than 15minutes going over the ski.... I trust people to easily..

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