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    1994 SL 650 will not turn over when the 4 Main Bolts in the exhaust Manifold are tigh

    1994 SL 650 will not turn over when the 4 Main Bolts in the exhaust Manifold are tight. When I loosen them up she turns over perfect. Tighten them up again, click click, click click out of the electrical box. Any Insight would be great, water locked? Grounding off the starter? I have had her apart 10 times for sure and cannot figure it out.......

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    I have never heard this issue befor, check your main ground to be clean and bolt tight, may be solenoid going bad

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    Which 4 bolts? The ones holding the pipe to the manifold?

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    Yes that is correct, the 4 on the top

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    Where is the battery negative cable connected to the engine?

    Have you had the engine out of the hull?

    Did you remove and clean the bolts that hold the bottom of the engine to the rear bed plate?

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