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    Best performance for Rotax 1503 HO 4-TEC (RXT-X 260)


    I am new member of this forum. I am not owner of personal watercraft. I am student. I am writing about personal watercraft.

    I am looking for information about the best performance for engine Rotax HO 1503 4-TEC.

    • Could anyone give me advice about the parts (brand name, company), could be change for more power. How mutch HP or percent will power increase.
    • What about reliability(experiences) after upgrade and weight of the performance parts ?
    • Is there way, how to reduce the weight of engine without losing power ?
    • How mutch cost a new engine and performance parts ?
    • What about ECU performance ?

    Thank you for reading and answer,
    Michal Kluc

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    there is literally a thread a few down from this with the exact same questions being answered

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    Could you send me direct link ?

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