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    1997 GP1200 Low fuel warning always on even with full tank

    I have been searching throughout this forum about the common failure of the baffle/fuel sender on the GP1200s. My 1997 GP1200 has for some reason or another joined this group i'm pretty sure. I would rather not at this time go through the process of replacing the baffle but would rather just some how shut off the warning beeper or short it out so it always shows a full tank. I have heard people say they did this but im not exactly sure how they did it(which wires and what they did to the wires). Could someone please educate me on how i could do this? Thanks in advance.

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    The white/blue and black wires go to the sending unit for fuel. When all floats are up (full tank), the resistance is 0-2 ohms. You should be able to short with a jumper and show a full tank.

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    I had the same problem. Float was saturated and no longer floated. Polaris uses the same part number so you can buy just the float instead of the whole assembly.

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