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    Need help with Modding a 2004 185

    Just picked this up.....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    $3500 w/trailer
    102 hrs
    all Maintenance records
    SC rebuilt at 100hrs
    runs perfect

    Planning on tearing it down for some upgrades after this summer

    Wanna do

    1. Intercooler
    2. Supercharger impeller......which I cannot find anywhere for the 185 supercharger....Point me in the right direction?
    3. 9.5 to1 compression pistons
    4. intake grate
    5. Pump impeller ........Pitch suggestions for these mods??
    6. Fuel injectors.......size suggestion?
    7. raising RPM limiter by 500......Is it possible for this year?
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    185 supercharger impellers are the same as the 215 skis. Easiest way to get a higher rpm limit is an rxp or rxt ecu and fuel reg. If you are really going to be changing out pistons, you would want to change the flywheel and do the valves while the motor is out. Its a lot of cash to spend to get up to the same specs as a 215.

    What are your goals with the ski? Speed?

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    Look at my signature for my GTX mods as a reference. You don't have an IC and adding one is doable, but a little tricky if using a external setup. I used a 2008 RXT-X bracket and IC and used the OPAS water as a source. Next the current pistons are cast not forged, and has different gearing for the SC. The impeller is a 155mm vice 159mm. Do a search for "jpconsult 185 build" for more info.

    Good luck

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    I have all those parts.
    ECu. Sc. IC's
    internal and external.
    Intake grate

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    Welcome to the hulk! Nice ski!
    My first ski was just like that one!

    upgrade the flywheel to a 215+ flywheel and then use a 215+ gear on the charger!

    what kinda prop do you have? to run the normal props you have to upgrade driveshafts! the 185hp skis use a smaller splines on the prop.

    to make it a true 215 you need;

    forged pistions
    215 flywheel
    215 charger rebuild or gear
    215 fuel regulator
    215 ecu (depending on ecu you may need the knock sensor harness)
    215 intercooler
    215 drveshaft, hat, c clip
    215 prop
    215 cam (optional)

    I think thats a full list.

    Also with your 185hp dash be aware the rpms only read up to 8000rpm so when you go to a 215 ecu you can run higher than that but it will only read 8000. it makes it kinda hard to know if your on the rev limiter. (bad thing)

    and if your jet pump is plastic ditch it for a aluminum one.

    At that point you can now upgrade just like a regular 215 ski.

    You probably don't want to hear it but its actually cheaper to just buy a 215 ski and start there. I have been there and done that.

    On a side note adding VTS to these skis make them a lot more fun!

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    That's my machine, see my sig on what I have done and where I am, planning on a few more things will hope to be in the 66 with IC, Waterbox Mod and Wedge.

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    My goal is higher top end.......Not so stressed about acceleration.....This is my wife's ski . Just want it to be able to hang with my RXTX while cruising a little better........Don't wanna go as far as cam......$$$$$$$$$$$ for 10hp isn't worth it.

    215 ECU/regulator
    delete OPAS

    Might get me where I want..........Are the fuel injectors the same size on the 215 or bigger?

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    your going to need the s/c drive gear as well

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    Injectors are the same size but reg is higher pressure.

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    Why not just sell it and buy an rxt or gtx 215

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