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    Hydro-Turf Tools Up For The Sea-Doo Spark

    There was a whole lot of thought poured into the Spark prior to its release, but one avenue many people didn’t factor in was Sea-Doo‘s grip on the available accessories for the new entry-level runabout. Upon its release, the $4,999 craft came available with pages’ worth of available accessories, amenities and add-ons.

    Initial hype quickly lead to demand, which drew the attention of the aftermarket. In a recent interview with Powersports Business, Hydro-Turf owner Arno Olbricht shared how trying to get his hands on a new Spark proved more difficult than expected:

    “’[My local dealer] did have one, but it was pre-sold by the time I reached him, so he contacted the customer and asked if it would be OK if we used the ski to make the pattern and actually put mats and a new seat cover on it for him. …the customer was stoked that he got new product on there, the first of its kind.’”

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    Another great write up!!!

    These sparks coming basically stripped gives the after market guys an open market to capitalize on...

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    That spark in the article looks great. So much better than stock. Good work Hydroturf!!!!!

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