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    He thinks it's a 97, I think it's a 98...please help

    Found this gp1200 on craigslist for sale. He has it advertised as a 97. It is white with blue. As far as my understanding, 97 was white with red. 98 was white with blue, and 99 was blue with white. Is this correct going by color? Assuming it wasent painted it should be a 98 right? I would like to stay away from 97 cause everyone on this forum says the hulls are weaker. Any way to be 100 percent sure? what do you guys think? thankyou.

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    That last two digits of the VIN is year.

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    sounds like its a 98

    look at the last 2 numbers on the HIN... thats the year

    also dont be so scared of the 97s

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    thanks guys, i will check the HIN when i go to look at it. if i look at it that is, he says the choke cable gets stuck, and the fuel selection switch gets stiff. he only wants 1500 with a new trailer. was going to run a compression test of course. choke cable and selector swithc dont sound all that bad does it? he metioned something about the trim as well. its a toss up it seems like but for 1500 i think i am blinded. SHOULD I REALLY NOT BE WORRIED BY THE 97's?? I have a ton of 97's for sale by me. i am using it for 99percent surf jumping. figured the 97 would snap in a day..anyone know what HIN's were reinforced for 97?? or more experience with the 97? some say they're fine, some say shy away. with it being my first pwc i dont want to screw up now.

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