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    Which prop / cone for 2011 FX SHO

    Hi Everyone,

    Busy chasing help on a prop / cone set up for a 2011 FX SHO. Ideally would like to improve hole shot and reduce cavitation, not too worried about top speed. These are the mods I'm doing/done and want to know which you guys feel would be best whilst still remaining in some semblance of a budget!

    Mods done are : Ribbon delete, Riva Air intake, Free flow exhaust, R&D Intake Grate, R&D Pump seal kit, CoCo Tunnel reinforcement, Fizzle intercooler, Tial Blow off valve, Rive cooling upgrade kit & R&D R2 reflash.

    Any help or comments would be much appreciated!



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    Greg Jim's performance can help with sizing prop for you but he will need your RPM's to do it. Probably repitch existing stock prop if that is what your running.

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    Thanks for that mate, decided that bugger it, going to get a ET low boost wheel, powershot fuel controller and R3 reflash. Then head to something like a Skat 13/22 or the like.



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