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    97 waveventure 1100 blowing fuel out carbs

    Sorry in advance if this is the wrong section. I've looked high and low on the internet trying to sort this problem out. The ski ran perfectly from low to mid range. As soon as you give it WOT. It instantly shut off. I took the covers off and watched as I started going WOT. It was blowing fuel out of each carb. My first thought were reeds, but they look to be in great shape. A minor gap here and there. The carbs weren't rebuilt. But the top end was. Each cylinder was 120-125ish. Now each cylinder is in the low 90s. Cylinders look fine. Still see all the cross hatching from the fresh bore. (Was not bored with exhaust manifold on). I'm thinking wore rings from going lean at high rpm. Pistons were pretty black after about 4-5 hours. Before I removed the engine. My water accidently came on before I started it and filled my crankcase, but I pulled immediately and cleaned. Spark is Definalty not the issue. Sorry for all the info. I hope y'all can help. Thanks!

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    Your carbs internals are suspect until ruled out. A crack or hole in the clear plastic sheet that's part of the pump could make it suck fuel into the crankcase and never run at WOT. Could also be faulty needle saats but I'd expect it to run poorly in all ranges. The one thing I've learned about these motors is that they are pretty solid. Problems usually start with carbs. As most posts state, rebuild with genuine Mikuni if that's what you have. Local repair shops close to me state that you should rebuild carbs every season regardless of any issues. Apparently the alcohol in our fuel destroys the rubber parts. Good luck! The 90ish compression certainly sounds like it might be rebuild time anyway but I'd start with carbs.

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    Rebuilding the carbs will be the first thing I do. I'm going to check the piston and bore tolerances. I'm hoping I just ruined the rings and not anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tnfocus View Post
    Rebuilding the carbs will be the first thing I do. I'm going to check the piston and bore tolerances. I'm hoping I just ruined the rings and not anything else.
    Hey there..

    Firstly, welcome to the Forum.

    - think we need to first ensure all the variables are the same as before.? (when the compression was 120-125)

    1/. are you using the same compression gauge.?
    2/. are you holding the throttle wide open while cranking.?
    3/. is the battery in a good state of charge.?
    4/. are the other plugs in or out.?

    I have to say it seems a little unusual all three cylinders have dropped an equal amount of compression simultaneously.! (bizarre.?)

    How many hours on this machine.?
    - Reeds would certainly be on the potential culprit list. (unfortunately looking like they're in great shape doesn't make it so.!)
    - Though the carbs almost certainly need going over.
    - I also wouldn't rule out an air leak.?

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    1 yes, 2 no. 3 yes. 4. Out.

    5 hours after rebuild

    im curious if my head gasket might be culprit of compression. Depending if I got the torque rspecs right.. Because like I said. My water came on accidently and broke past the head gasket and into the cylinders and crankcase. Compression was low before that happened. Engine was immediately pulled when that happened, took apart and cleaned.

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    sound like reeds to me also their should be suction only not PSI to blow fuel back out of the carb

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    Reeds should have no gap at all, hold them to the light and should be completely shut.

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    I'll check them out again. I plan on keeping this one so it's not a big deal to invest in them. Any suggestion on replacement or aftermarket that won't break the bank? If like to eventually get a gp1200 hull and swap everything into.

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    The stock reeds have always worked great for me.

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    stock reeds were stainless on that ski or no ?

    i replaced all mine with carbontech brand unless I went all out for RAD valves

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