Yamaha’s FX HO Cruiser shines like a beacon in Pure White. The deep creases and sharp lines are handsome and gives a very mature look to the three-seater.

If there is one thing we’ve seen the Yamaha Motor Company excel at over the other OE manufacturers is offering a runabout that is neither bare of amenities or swimming in top-of-the-line features. In recent years, Yamaha’s FX HO and FX HO Cruiser models have struck a chord with older buyers looking for a machine that is both mature in design and execution, all the while delivering big on three key attributes: fuel economy, smart storage and ride comfort.

A couple months ago, we had the opportunity to review Yamaha’s outgoing 2013 Yamaha FX HO and found it to be an apt solution to the consumer looking for a fun, spirited ride that wouldn’t drain the wallet. Yesterday, we boarded Yamaha’s 2014 entry in the next class up, the Cruiser.

The 2014 FX HO Cruiser retains its fuel-mileage friendly naturally aspirated 1,812cc four-cylinder four-stroke pushing its thrust through a slightly smaller 155mm than the SVHO’s race-ready 160mm pump, producing approximately 160-horsepower.

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